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Spring-Summer 2023

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Bright, colorful and intergenerational, our collection this year honors all generations of women who share strong values; those for whom transmission is important as well as more conscious consumption habits.

A new, more responsible approach to our business by using materials that are more animal-friendly (98% less leather in our collections this season!), sustainable, innovative and have the least possible impact on the environment.

Inspired by the 70’s and the aesthetics of mountain, sailing and sea equipment, we had fun associating raffia with the details and colors of these different worlds. Exclusive knits, flowers, nets, technical cords and marine knots make up our new models Atacama, Boby, Marseille, Miro or the impressive Mamabe!

Bold and fun, we wanted to bring to this collection beautiful shapes and a range of colors with sharp tones that stand out from last season by using since 2010 pigments certified eco-responsible (Oeko-Tex).

Sans-Arcidet wishes to encourage and contribute to the building of a more eco-conscious future.

This season, the collection adds new products to its wardrobe and accompanies its baskets, hats and sandals with a mini collection of bags with impeccable finishes Made In France, a mini collection of textile accessories in 100% cotton for the beach and exotic silk twill scarves illustrated by the artist Sebastien Sans-Arcidet.

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